Deuce to Seven Single Draw (Lowball)
    Deuce to Seven Single Draw is a variation of lowball poker that's become popular again over the last few years. It differs from games like Hold'em, because it's the lowest hand that wins the pot.
    Game Play
    As with poker games like Hold'em, Deuce to Seven Single Draw uses forced bets called 'blinds'. The player to the left of the dealer pays the 'small blind', and the player to their left pays the 'big blind'. Typically, the small blind is equal to half the size of the big blind. Deuce to Seven Single Draw is also sometimes played with antes, which are small forced bets payed by each player, every hand.
    How to play
    Players are dealt a total of five cards, all face down. The first round of betting then takes place, where you can either call, raise or fold. Any players left in the hand now have the opportunity to draw - this allows you to try and improve your hand by giving you the chance to discard any cards you don't want, and replacing them with new ones. Simply click a card you want to discard, and then press 'Discard'. You can also choose to 'Stand Pat', which means you are deciding not to discard any of the cards you've been dealt. After the draw, there is another round of betting, with players now having the option to either bet or fold (you can also 'check', if no bets are made). If there is more than one player still left in the hand, all players must show their cards. The player with the best hand wins the pot.
    Strategy Tips
    The key thing to remember is that high hands that would usually win in Hold'em will count against you in Lowball games. Therefore, straights, flushes, pairs and trips are not good hands. The best hand of all is as follows: 7-5-4-3-2 of different suits - it's a great low hand, doesn't include an ace (aces are considered high) and is neither a straight nor a flush.